Leslie Watari began her violin
career at the age 10.  She began her studies with Betty Iacovetti of the
Fresno Philharmonic and continued later with David Soter and
concertmaster,Peter Marsh, of the Seattle Symphony.  During her studies
with David Soter, Ms. Watari travelled to Scotland and Norway to perform with
the International Festival of Orchestra's.  Upon returning internationally,
Ms. Watari performed with the Bellevue Philharmonic and surrounding
professional symphonys on the west coast.  Advanced studies continued with
Irv Eisenberg, Philadelphia Orchestra member and co-founder of the acclaimed
Philadelphia Quartet.  In 2000, Leslie Watari moved from Washington state
to New Jersey and performed with Harrisburg Symphony, Allentown Symphony,
Riverside Symphonia, and surrounding professional orchestras.  Ms. Watari
was a board member with the Helen Lin International Conservatory of Music,
China, and continues to collaborate with colleague, Helen Lin, for upcoming